Exercise and fitness: morning swim

Self-tutoring about fitness: the tutor comments about a new activity.

Starting last week, my son had to get ready for a lifeguarding course. In particular, he had to reactivate his swimming.

Of course, I went along with him. Sharing the sentiment of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, I try not to send him somewhere I wouldn’t go. 6am seemed pretty early – I braced myself.

Getting out to the Jeep, we cleared its windows in the starlight. The windshield had a bit of ice we had to scrape off. I didn’t know then, but later my wife told me the temp was -5C. We got moving as quickly as possible, a little awkward from our 6am revival.

The pool’s change room was brightly lit – no going back to sleep once you’re in there. We changed and stepped into the showers, which were pleasantly warm.

The pool itself, also brightly lit, was welcoming. We got down to the business of practicing swimming – the eggbeater and such. I’m not taking the lifeguard course, but I thought I’d support my son by going through the same motions.

Two more times last week, we did so. Instead of my regular workouts, I just did the morning swim, for 20 or 30 minutes. My weight behaved about the same as if I’d been running or riding the stationary bike.

Even with getting up so early, swimming is more comfortable than those other activities. I bought a month pass, anyway. Maybe I’ll start mainly swimming for exercise.

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