Navigating the file system from the terminal (aka Command Prompt): how to enter a two-or-more word directory or file name

The tutor shares a hint he noticed recently.

When I started with computers, I don’t believe you could have a folder name like this folder: as I recall, you couldn’t have a space in the name. (You could have an underscore as in this_folder).

I don’t know for sure, but I’d say Windows opened up the possibility of having a space in the name of a folder (or file). Nowadays, on people’s desktops, you commonly see folders with two-or-more word names, such as Road Trip Summer 2016 or Kitchen Reno. (I wonder if anyone else realizes what computer users seem to take for granted:)

On the desktop, two-word names don’t matter: you can just double-click the folder to open it. In the terminal, though, you need to type the folder (aka directory) name to enter it. Will the terminal know what you mean when you type a folder name that contains a space?

The terminal (aka, Command Prompt) in Windows 7 does understand a two-word name. For instance, if you want to enter the Kitchen Reno directory, just typing

cd Kitchen Reno

will work.

In the Linux terminal, from my experience, the command

cd Kitchen Reno

won’t work. However, you’ve got two options that will:

  1. cd “Kitchen Reno”
  2. cd Kitchen\ Reno


cd “Kitchen Reno”

works in both Windows 7 and Linux:)

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