Retrospect: The “Deep Breakfast” chronicle, continued

Self-tutoring about then and now: the tutor continues about a time from the early 90s.

Continuing the reflection from yesterday’s post: the three of us, as we listened to Deep Breakfast, seemed to be losing ground.

For each of us, however, life was about to click to a different setting.

The older guy met another lady. Quite soon, only the other two of us – the guy I’d gradded with and me – hung out together. For a time, the other two still lived together, but with the lady’s arrival, the younger guy was forced out. We seldom saw our older friend the following few years.

I went to university, met my wife, and got a math degree.

The guy I’d gradded with faced the most exciting trajectory. A few months later he would have to move out, in debt, and without a job. He found one, though, and after another few months you couldn’t recognize his life. He kept finding new opportunities.

I fell out of touch with the other two, but last I heard, they still meet at a restaurant for breakfast every so often. The question: does either still listen to Deep Breakfast?

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