Web browsers: Firefox: Show All History not quite working?

The tutor offers a way to view your history when it’s not showing.

I love Firefox; it’s the browser I use with my Linux (Ubuntu) computers.

Yesterday I clicked, at the top, History. A drop-down menu appeared, showing websites I had recently visited. “But are those all of them?” I wondered. From the drop-down, I chose the Show All History option. A window opened titled Library, but the page list was blank.

I repeated the exercise several times: after all, I thought, the Show All History option should show at least as much as the History drop-down. I even went online to research the situation: apparently, I wasn’t the only one facing it.

Eventually, I tried the search box in the Library window. By putting characters into it, I could cause pages to appear in the list. I decided the forward slash / to be best, since every page I’d been to had that in its address.

So, with Firefox, if pages aren’t showing up in the Show All History view, perhaps a solution is to type the forward slash into the search box there. I think, then, you’ll see the pages you’ve been to:)

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