Weight training with weight loss: what about carbs?

Self-tutoring about diet and health: the tutor inquires about a symptom he’s noticed.

My sixteen-year-old is a body builder. A couple months back, I decided to join him. He’s excited to show me what he’s learned about it, and asks me my opinions about it as well. We work out together 2-3 times per week.

Although I’ve trained for fitness for decades, I’ve never worked out specifically to gain muscle, so lifting weights, reps, sets, etc, are all new to me. It’s a fascinating lifestyle, and one I will likely be writing many posts about.

I was at the high end of my weight when I began muscle training with my son. Trying to lose around 10 pounds, I was reducing carbohydrates in favour of fats and protein. I continued to do so, until this week.

Although my “gains” in muscle (bodybuilders simply call it “gains”) are nothing like my son’s, they are noticeable. Moreover, my weight seems not to matter like before: I can be heavy on the scale, but my slim pants still fit. Perhaps the hardest change to ignore, however, is the hunger. Some days I just crave carbohydrates like never before. Two days ago I made a double batch of rice pudding which was gone that same day.

I wondered – is my body telling me something, craving carbohydrates as it does? Today I looked up the matter on the internet.

A dietitian’s article reminded me that, to train and gain muscle, you need more carbohydrates.

When you have multiple objectives, sometimes you have to adapt your strategy to support them all. Apparently, the low carbohydrate diet I was following might be too low to support muscle building. In my case, the muscles continue to grow because of a hunger for carbohydrates I can no longer deny.



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