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Lawn care: lime, continued

Self-tutoring about lawn care: the tutor mentions an idea he was reminded of…. I mention in yesterday’s post that I spread lime on the lawn to reduce acidity. An article discussing calcium carbonate mentions that the carbonate, not the calcium,

Agriculture: fruit trees in the Annapolis Valley

Self-tutoring about farming in the Annapolis Valley: the tutor reflects…. As a kid I spent a few years in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Farming was everywhere, and included many of my classmates. Tonight, just browsing the internet, I came

Lawn care continued: what causes moss in the lawn?

Self-tutoring about lawn care: the tutor looks into causes of moss. As I’ve read, moss grows where conditions are favourable. A person can attempt to remove it, but if favourable conditions remain, the moss will likely return. What are favourable

Lawn care: the tutor continues…

Self-tutoring about lawn care: the tutor relates a story. I mention in several posts (here, for instance) a connection to the soil and farming. As I point out here, we weren’t farmers, but I grew up around farming, in the

Agriculture: sweet sorghum, part II

More self-tutoring about sweet sorghum: the tutor continues about the traditional US syrup. In yesterday’s post I bring up “local molasses” – aka, sweet sorghum or sorghum syrup. Charmingly, the tradition of sorghum syrup production endures: I’ve included links below

Agriculture: molasses vs “local molasses”

Self-tutoring about US farming traditions: the tutor mentions “local molasses.” Although we weren’t farmers, I grew up around it. A couple of times, local kids told me I didn’t have the stuff for farm life. Regardless, I absorbed the culture