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Gardening: does tilling the soil bother earthworms?

Self-tutoring about gardening: the tutor wonders about breaking up the soil. Whenever I turn the soil with a shovel in one of the garden plots, the earthworms seem disturbed – some even get cut in two (Sorry!). Yet, tilling the

Gardening: centipedes in the garden

Self-tutoring about gardening: the tutor observes centipedes. Yesterday, planting this year’s garden (let’s hope for the best), I was happy to notice earthworms active therein. I don’t recall many last time, so am encouraged about this year’s prospects. I was

Gardening: attracting earthworms

Self-tutoring about gardening: the tutor shares a story. Many years ago I was aerating the lawn with a hand tool when a man approached me from where he was parked across the street. “Hello…what are you doing?” he asked. “Aerating

Yard work: October reflections

Self-tutoring about yard work: the tutor follows a family tradition. Although I’m trying to reform, I haven’t done much yard work these past few years. Perhaps absurdly, I did much more ten years ago, when we didn’t even have a

Lifestyle: garter snake in the garden

Self-tutoring about garter snakes and gardening: the tutor shares about garter snakes. Until 2012, I used to see snakes fairly often in the yard. Since, I’ve wondered where they’ve gone. After all, reptiles are sensitive creatures whose presence usually suggests

Composting: putting rhubarb leaves in the compost

Self-tutoring about composting: the tutor shares a find about composting rhubarb leaves. Rhubarb leaves are poisonous. Yet, can they be composted? The other day I noticed someone advising not to. I had assumed rhubarb leaves are compostable, and I’ve found

What is the point of gardening?

Self-tutoring: the tutor delves into the philosophy behind urban gardening. In the late ’80s I talked to a farmer, and survivalist, who lived way up north. He didn’t have a garden. His wife did; he snickered at its mention. “You’re

Yard work, exercise and fitness: the unintended work-out

Self-tutoring: the tutor shares about yard chores. Yesterday, I thought perhaps I wouldn’t get enough exercise. I thought wrong. For the seeds I found in our shelves, I decided to open up more garden space from a rectangle of the

Gardening: planting a rose cutting inside a potato

Gardening self-tutoring: the tutor tries a trick he saw on YouTube about starting some rose cuttings. I’ve been trying to spiff up the yard with new plants lately, including some rose cuttings. I started them in potatoes – an idea

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Lifestyle, yard work: watering reflections, part 0

Self-tutoring about watering: the tutor reflects…. I can’t remember when summer 2018 started (see my post here about when summer starts); irrigation is in full swing. (I began about this year’s watering efforts in the post here.) I’m no pro

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