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English: use of which

Tutoring English, grammar inevitably arises. The tutor mentions a use of which he’s long considered. Decades ago I read a humorous article I really liked that included something like this: He didn’t like that dish. Which is why he always

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Lifestyle, reading: blogs: Maanini

Finding blogs to follow leads to self-tutoring: the tutor mentions Maanini Singhvi’s blog A Fresh Outlook. Reading a blog can inject you with the writer’s point of view. Such was my experience today, reading Tagore’s Ideals and Our Progress. Therein,

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English: reading: Hardy Boys, Danger on Vampire Trail

The tutor talks briefly about a book he recently finished. I still read Hardy Boys mysteries to my kids, now 12 and 14, especially before bed. It’s a special time; I’ve always enjoyed reading to the family. Danger on Vampire

Reading: The Dead Man of Varley Grange

The tutor brings up a title he read over the weekend. Last weekend, we had some dreary weather that foreshadowed Halloween. My older son thought I might read a ghost story. I got out a book called Victorian Ghost Stories,

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English: Hardy Boys Mysteries: Mystery of the Spiral Bridge

The tutor recommends Hardy Boys Mystery 45: Mystery of the Spiral Bridge. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I love reading Hardy Boys mysteries to my family. The tradition started, I believe, before my kids joined school. I’ve read dozens aloud during

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Canadian language: what does Kabloona mean?

The tutor shares a term he discovered in the dictionary. Kabloona is an Inuit term referring to a non-Inuit; the term particularly suggests a white person. It has been used to describe white people present to do specific functions: police,

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English: sedulous

The tutor brings up a word discovery. Not often does a word catch my eye. However, thumbing through my Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary recently, I noticed the word sedulous. I can’t remember hearing sedulous or seeing it in print.

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English: reading: Harry Potter: Tom Riddle and Voldemort, part 0

The tutor opens a discussion about Tom Riddle and Voldemort. As I mentioned in my Jan 19, 2015 post, I’ve read the Harry Potter series to my children twice. We’re on our third time, midway through The Half-Blood Prince. We

English: Reading: Short Horror: H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Tomb”

The tutor shares some thoughts about Lovecraft’s short story “The Tomb.” “The Tomb” is classic Lovecraft. First, it centres on an abandoned location connected with former greatness. Second, its narrator develops a connection to the supernatural world. Finally, the narrator’s

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English: Reading: E. F. Benson: “The Room in the Tower”

The tutor shares about a late read. Two days prior, I’d never heard of E.F. Benson. However, the horror anthology I mention in my post of November 10 includes his “The Room in the Tower.” The title attracted me. Benson

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