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Statistics, spreadsheets: confidence interval for population mean: CONFIDENCE() function on Excel and LibreOffice Calc

Tutoring statistics, you realize how convenient using a spreadsheet can be. In yesterday’s post I mentioned some theoretical points about two-sided confidence intervals for the population mean. On the practical side, if you simply need a confidence interval for the

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Statistics: Spreadsheets: tdist() function

The tutor covers the tdist() function, which seems to work the same on Excel and LibreOffice Calc. The tdist() function is in the statistics category of functions. Its entry scheme is =tdist(t-value, degrees_of_freedom, number_of_tails) Perhaps surprisingly, the t-value itself must

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Spreadsheets: Matrix inverse on Excel or LibreOffice Calc

The MINVERSE() function can be tricky to use; the tutor tells how. Example: find the inverse of matrix A: -5 0 1 3 8 9 0 1 0 Solution: Enter the matrix in Excel or LibreOffice Calc. Let’s imagine, for

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Spreadsheets: Excel: conditional formatting

The tutor opens the discussion about how to display, automatically, a cell’s content according to its value. What if, in Excel, you want to display any value between 78 and 93 in green? Well, you can, using conditional formatting. On

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Spreadsheets: Excel: cumprinc() function

The tutor shows an example using Excel’s cumprinc() function, which calculates the reduction of the amount owing over a specific duration. A question a mortgage holder might ponder: “When I go to refinance after 5 years, how much will I

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Spreadsheets: internal rate of return (IRR) on LibreOffice Calc

The tutor promotes his equal-opportunity point of view towards computing. I use Microsoft’s programs: witness my post from Sept 28 about using Excel to calculate IRR. However, some of my computers aren’t Windows; rather, they’re Linux. I don’t have a

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