Month: January 2019

Mobile phones: texting auto-correct: unset

Self-tutoring about mobile phone usage: the tutor mentions a change he made today. My son mentioned to me the other day that he’d turned off auto-correct for his phone’s texting app. “You can do that?” I asked. “Yes. Go to

Windows: command line: copying and pasting

Self-tutoring about Windows terminal: the tutor mentions a way to copy and paste on the cmd screen. To copy, then paste, text from and to the Windows command line: Right click. Select Mark Highlight the text you want to copy

Physics: estimates

Tutoring physics, approximations often help. The tutor mentions a comparison between exact and approximate. Example 1: Imagine a projectile launched according to the equationh=-4.9t^2 +22t + 15 What would be its height at 3.0 seconds? Solution: h=-4.9(3.0)^2+22(3.0)+15=36.9m or 37m (sig

Computer science: what does REPL mean?

Self-tutoring about computer science: the tutor comments about an abbreviation he read. REPL: read-evaluate-print-loop As I understand, REPL denotes the context in which a user keys a command into a terminal, the computer evaluates the command, then it prints its

Web browsers: IE and Edge

Self-tutoring about web browsers: the tutor mentions a fact about ie and edge. My morning reading tells me Edge requires Windows 10. Next I checked our Windows 7 computer, to find its Microsoft browser is ie 11. On the Windows 7

Computer science: blocking vs non-blocking input/output

Self-tutoring about computer science: the tutor mentions the concepts of blocking and non-blocking i/o. mode effect blocking program waits for external process that it calls non-blocking program continues past external process call, possibly even finishing before it receives response from

English: expressions: more or less

Tutoring English, the literal meaning of a word or phrase is important. The tutor opines about the expression “more or less.” Here is my definition of the expression “more or less”: more or less (adverb): true for practical purposes, if

English, democracy, diplomacy: politically correct ways to describe deception

Tutoring English, I love colorful phrases. The tutor shares a great one he noticed, with some commentary. Era Diplomatic Description of Deceit 90s creativity w/ facts 20teens reality distortion field1 Nowadays, it seems, diplomacy is everything. The reason? I’d say

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Food: oatmeal vs shredded wheat

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor compares oatmeal (from rolled oats) with shredded wheat. oatmeal1 shredded wheat protein (mg/cal) 37 33 fibre (mg/cal) 26 44 GI2 55 67 1From rolled oats, not instant. 2Glycemic index: lower is better. I like both

English: idea completion in formal writing

Tutoring English, the difference between everyday and formal communication is important. The tutor mentions idea completion. Consider the following sentence: Life in a small town is easier. Informally, people likely assume what is meant is Life in a small town