Month: January 2019

Technology: how is jewelry chain mass-produced?

Self-tutoring about manufacturing: the tutor looks into the mass-production of jewelry chain. Last night, shopping with my wife for clothes, I noticed the jewelry display. There were some really nice-looking items, at low cost – around $20 or so. I

English: words I didn’t know: plunk

Tutoring English, vocabulary is always interesting. The tutor mentions the word plunk. plunk (verb): to drop abruptly. Source: Mish, Frederick C. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.

English: what does emolument mean?

Self-tutoring about news: the tutor mentions the definition of emolument. emolument:payment or gift, often due to position. It can be salary or other benefit. Source:

Computer science: shallow copy vs deep copy

Self-tutoring about computer science: the tutor mentions the difference between shallow and deep copy. A shallow copy of an object is a new name for it. When the original changes, so will the shallow copy. Moreover, a change to the

Computer science: JavaScript: ‘false’ != false

Self-tutoring about computer science: the tutor mentions a test he ran tonight with JavaScript. Boolean(‘false’)=true while Boolean(false)=false on the Edge and Firefox JavaScript consoles I tested this evening. Source: Jones, Darren. JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, 2nd ed. Collingwood: SitePoint Pty,

English: Sheryl Crow: “A Change Would Do You Good”

Self-tutoring about lyrics: the tutor reflects on a few lines from Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow’s lyrics have caught my attention numerous times. Her song “A Change Would Do You Good” contains a few examples. “Wear your fake fur on the

90s Music: Blind Melon:”No Rain”

Self-tutoring about 90s music: the tutor revisits Blind Melon’s hit “No Rain.” I recall Blind Melon’s “No Rain” from the early 90s. I thought it was catchy enough, but to me, it soon disappeared. My life changed quickly back then

English: homonyms: yolk vs yoke

Tutoring English, homonyms continue to be a favourite topic of mine. The tutor mentions yolk vs yoke. Occasionally I forget, between yolk and yoke, which means which, so have to re-check. Yolk means the yellow centre of an egg. On

Diet: keto flu

Self-tutoring about dieting keto style: the tutor mentions the keto flu. I think the keto flu is real. I had it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…today I feel much better. I ate limited carbohydrates last fall, but during Christmas break I

English: opposites in writing

Tutoring English, you notice devices that catch attention. The tutor mentions the use of opposites. I think people are interested when they hear opposites in the same sentence. I know I am, and still recall a couple of examples from