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Computer maintenance: replacing CMOS cell, part 0

Self-tutoring about computer maintenance: the tutor shares about diagnosing a fading CMOS cell on an aging computer. We’ve run this Windows 7 computer as our main one since April 2010. Like often seems to happen with a Windows computer, or

Windows, home computer use: command prompt file operations: xcopy

Maintaining a home computer requires frequent self-tutoring. The tutor shares. This Windows 7 computer no longer performs the COPY command from the mouse, so I use the command prompt to copy files, etc. Lately I’ve been backing up directories, which

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Home computer use, computer maintenance, Windows: disk management: how to use unallocated space on a storage device

Home computer use, for me, leads to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a video about Windows disk management that he was lucky to find. My experience: On an external hard drive, if Windows calls a part of it “unallocated”, you

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Windows 10: wireless driver update

Home computer use can mean self-tutoring. The tutor shares an experience with Windows 10, updating a driver. Suddenly, our Windows 10 computer wouldn’t connect to the wireless network. Each time my wife tried, the computer said something to the effect

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Windows 7: the blue screen with white bird near green branch

Trying to repair a computer this weekend has involved self-tutoring. The tutor mentions the beloved “blue screen with white bird near green branch.” If you don’t know the screen mentioned in the title, you might be lucky. I’ve encountered it

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