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Windows, home computer use: command prompt file operations: xcopy

Maintaining a home computer requires frequent self-tutoring. The tutor shares. This Windows 7 computer no longer performs the COPY command from the mouse, so I use the command prompt to copy files, etc. Lately I’ve been backing up directories, which

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Home computer use, computer maintenance, Windows: disk management: how to use unallocated space on a storage device

Home computer use, for me, leads to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a video about Windows disk management that he was lucky to find. My experience: On an external hard drive, if Windows calls a part of it “unallocated”, you

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Home computer use, technology: what is SoC?

The tutor shares a discovery he made while researching Windows 10. In my June 26 post I began about the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I’ve heard the deadline to do so for free is July

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Windows: my adventure backing up Windows Live Mail messages

The tutor relates some highlights that transpired as he recently backed up the email. I’m no expert on Windows, but I have to maintain it in our home.  Of course, that means making back-ups of important records – including email

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