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Computer technology: what is a hypervisor?

For me, understanding computer technology requires constant self-tutoring. The tutor defines the term hypervisor. In my Feb 15 post I explain the idea of a virtual machine. The virtual machine exists atop a hypervisor. hypervisor (noun): a program that allows

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Windows: file permissions: what does Bypass Traverse Checking mean?

Researching file permissions can mean self-tutoring. The tutor relays the idea of Bypass Traverse Checking. Bypass Traverse Checking (file permission) This permission allows a user to access a specific file that is not protected, but which resides in a folder

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Computer science, technology: what is a virtual machine (VM)?

More technology self-tutoring: the tutor explains the idea of a virtual machine. virtual machine (abbreviation: VM): An entity that is accessible via keyboard and screen, like a desktop, and may function, to the user, like a standalone computer. However, the

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Comp sci: asynchronous vs synchronous communication

Tutoring comp sci, you might explain asynchronous communication vs synchronous. The tutor describes them. Asynchronous communication refers to modes in which the correspondents need not be engaged simultaneously. Email, text messaging, and comment boards facilitate asynchronous communication. In such contexts,

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Windows 7: the blue screen with white bird near green branch

Trying to repair a computer this weekend has involved self-tutoring. The tutor mentions the beloved “blue screen with white bird near green branch.” If you don’t know the screen mentioned in the title, you might be lucky. I’ve encountered it

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Computers: why flash drives aren’t vulnerable to magnets (supposedly)

Tutoring, you see flash drives carried around with anything stored on them. The tutor shares some findings about them in relation to magnetism. I recall holding a flash drive with a magnetic lid, and wondering how it could be so.

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English, computer science: disk vs disc

Tutoring English, different versions of familiar words are interesting. The tutor shares a find. In the context of computers, I recall reading disk. “Is it disc?” I would often wonder. Today the matter surfaced, so I looked it up. I

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Dedicated video memory (Adapter RAM): how to see it with OpenGL Extensions Viewer (realtech)

The tutor tells one way to find how much dedicated video memory your system has. This article describes his experience with Windows 7. In my February 19 post I discuss the difference between adapter RAM (aka dedicated RAM, vRAM, discrete

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Computer systems: graphics memory: adapter RAM vs total memory

The tutor shares ideas about adapter RAM (aka dedicated RAM, vRAM, discrete RAM) vs total. Apparently, adapter RAM is physically dedicated to graphics. In the context of graphics memory, total memory refers to system RAM available for processing graphics. (From

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