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Home computer use, technology: what is SoC?

The tutor shares a discovery he made while researching Windows 10. In my June 26 post I began about the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I’ve heard the deadline to do so for free is July

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Home Computer Use: Windows: Operating system install date

The tutor brings up a useful command for Windows. The 2015-2016 academic year over, I’m looking into the Windows 10 upgrade. Today I began gathering information: For example, when was Windows 7 installed on this computer? Searching the internet, a

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Math: subtracting mixed numerals: the improper fraction method

The tutor continues about subtracting mixed numerals. Past grade 10, mixed numerals are not much found in academic math. They are common, however, in trades math, including entrance exams. In yesterday’s post I talked about subtracting mixed numerals by borrowing,

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Subtracting with mixed numerals: borrowing

The tutor shows a method of subtracting mixed numerals. Imagine facing a question such as the following: 5 1/7 – 2 2/3 A convenient approach is “number minus number, fraction minus fraction”: 5-2 + 1/7-2/3 The trouble here is, 1/7

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