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Windows command prompt (DOS): copy command

If, in Windows command prompt, the copy command doesn’t seem to work for you, here might be why. Lately, with one of my Windows 7 computers, I’ve not been able to paste a text file to a new location: when

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Home Computer Use: Windows: Operating system install date

The tutor brings up a useful command for Windows. The 2015-2016 academic year over, I’m looking into the Windows 10 upgrade. Today I began gathering information: For example, when was Windows 7 installed on this computer? Searching the internet, a

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Home computer use: Windows terminal: the color command

The tutor points out a fun feature of Windows terminal. Windows terminal – aka, Command Prompt – is the black screen the user can access from Start→All Programs→Accessories. It’s white text on a black background. Interestingly, you can change the

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Easter eggs: the factor command

Here, the tutor is happy to report, Easter comes early. An easter egg is a feature not reported. To become aware of it, the user must either stumble upon it, or else find out from research. Reading about Linux terminal

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