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Food, spelling: how do you spell “hummus”?

Self-tutoring about spelling: the tutor explores spelling the Middle-Eastern dip made from chick peas. Apparently, hummus, hommus, hummous, hoummus, or even humos are all ways to spell the dip made from chick peas. This spell checker only likes hummus. Source:

Food: what is filone?

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor mentions the term filone. At a deli I saw the word filone. What does it mean? Filone is an Italian-style bread, perhaps baked in a long, thin loaf. Apparently “filone” means line. Source:

Food: does MSG occur in nature?

Self-tutoring about food and taste: the tutor finds some facts about MSG. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a salt. Glutamate is the active ingredient, since sodium salts are always soluble. Glutamates – even in the form MSG – occur naturally in

Food: strawberry tops

Self-tutoring about eating strawberries: the tutor reflects…. I have a fourteen and sixteen-year-old; both like strawberries. So, when strawberries are a good deal, we buy them. At any meal, I might be washing and cutting them up to serve as

Protein showdown: tuna vs beef

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor checks a comparison. The numbers below are for cooked portions. beef tuna % protein ≈ 28 ≈ 28 Interesting, eh? Source:

Food: how do I put on weight?

Self-tutoring about holiday eating, and pleasure from food: the tutor opens a question. Last night, watching the TV show Flipping Out (, I heard Megan say, Nothing tastes as good as skinny looks. -Megan, Flipping Out I was immediately intrigued.

Food: sweet potatoes vs regular potatoes: part 0

Self-tutoring about diet: the tutor inquires about sweet potatoes. Bodybuilders might favour sweet potatoes over regular ones, perhaps because of the carbohydrate-to-fibre ratio, which is lower for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a carbohydrate:fibre ratio of around 5.75:1, whereas for

Food: blood speck on egg yolk

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor wonders if an egg with a speck of blood on the yolk is safe to eat. Apparently, an egg with a blood spot on the yolk is safe to eat. Source:

Is eggshell bad for you?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor revisits another question from his youth. I was told, as a kid, to make sure no eggshell gets into food because eggshell is bad for you. Is it, really? Apparently, eggshell isn’t bad for you,

Tomato leaf: I ate one

Self-tutoring about tomato leaf edibility: the tutor shares his first experiment. Back in my October 11 post I mention research that suggests tomato leaves are edible, at least in small to moderate amounts. Well, I ate a large tomato leaf