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Food: strawberry tops

Self-tutoring about eating strawberries: the tutor reflects…. I have a fourteen and sixteen-year-old; both like strawberries. So, when strawberries are a good deal, we buy them. At any meal, I might be washing and cutting them up to serve as

Protein showdown: tuna vs beef

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor checks a comparison. The numbers below are for cooked portions. beef tuna % protein ≈ 28 ≈ 28 Interesting, eh? Source:

Food: how do I put on weight?

Self-tutoring about holiday eating, and pleasure from food: the tutor opens a question. Last night, watching the TV show Flipping Out (, I heard Megan say, Nothing tastes as good as skinny looks. -Megan, Flipping Out I was immediately intrigued.

Food: sweet potatoes vs regular potatoes: part 0

Self-tutoring about diet: the tutor inquires about sweet potatoes. Bodybuilders might favour sweet potatoes over regular ones, perhaps because of the carbohydrate-to-fibre ratio, which is lower for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a carbohydrate:fibre ratio of around 5.75:1, whereas for

Food: blood speck on egg yolk

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor wonders if an egg with a speck of blood on the yolk is safe to eat. Apparently, an egg with a blood spot on the yolk is safe to eat. Source:

Is eggshell bad for you?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor revisits another question from his youth. I was told, as a kid, to make sure no eggshell gets into food because eggshell is bad for you. Is it, really? Apparently, eggshell isn’t bad for you,

Tomato leaf: I ate one

Self-tutoring about tomato leaf edibility: the tutor shares his first experiment. Back in my October 11 post I mention research that suggests tomato leaves are edible, at least in small to moderate amounts. Well, I ate a large tomato leaf

Breakfast showdown: nutella® vs cream cheese

Self-tutoring about breakfast foods: the tutor makes a comparison between cream cheese and nutella® Bagel and cream cheese is a classic, of course. Yet, nutella® is definitely part of our culture now. What about a comparison between them? The cream

Are tomato leaves poisonous?

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor asks himself a question out of the blue, and finds a surprising answer. As a kid, I was told tomato leaves are poisonous. Yet, are they? I’ve found three sources, this morning, that mention tomato

Rhubarb: 1) Must you peel the stalk? 2)A rhubarb dish.

Self-tutoring about rhubarb: the tutor shares findings. As a kid I ate dishes prepared from rhubarb stalks – strawberry-rhubarb pie, for instance, as well as stewed rhubarb. Nowadays I seldom eat rhubarb, and never buy it. However, my wife brought