Retrospect: left and right

Self-tutoring about primary lessons: the tutor mentions his realization of the directions of left and right.

When I was a kid, I heard adults refer to left and/or right often. While I knew they were positions or directions of some kind, I didn’t know which was which at first. It seemed, however, by how often adults mentioned them, that they were important.

The way I recall it, back then, nobody told you those things. Rather, you were just meant to realize them somehow. A lot of things seemed that way back in the 70s.

One afternoon, in grade two, I was looking forward in the classroom. Suddenly I realized that left and right meant sides of the room. After about thirty seconds more, I realized which was left and which right. I think it came to me because I’d been told I was right handed, meaning I printed with my right hand.

Even today, I still picture the front of that classroom when I think about left and right.

I recall the teacher was talking about something, although not what it was. I don’t think it concerned left and right.

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